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Nutritional Comparison

per 100 grams of cooked lean meat 

  Elk Skinless Chicken Beef
Calories 146 190 211
Fat (g) 1.9


Cholesterol (m) 73 89 86
Protein (g) 30.2 28.9 29.9
Iron (mg) 2.76 1.21 2.00

 Did you know….?

  1. One can keep three elk for every one beef cow on the same land base.
  2. The calorie intake of an elk is twice in the summer, as in winter.
  3. They do not need bedding.
  4. Elk calve in the daylight, nature’s way of protection.
  5. Elk calve on the grass in late spring, most often in the bat of an eye, and without warning        
  6. Elk are what you are, calm if you are calm.
  7. Antler is an annual renewable resource.
  8. Velvet antler (freeze dried) supplies 40 of the bodies’ required 181 essential nutrients daily for less than the price of one cup of coffee.
  9. Hard antler and buttons drop in March and April, when new antlers start to grow again    
  10. Velvet is harvested primarily in June.
  11. Elk antlers grow each year in approximately 4 months.



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